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During your first visit you’ll be required to submit documents verifying identity and fill in the questionnaire.

Persons under 18 should bring a receipt from parents assuming liability for possible damage to musical equipment and interior, which should include the contact number. Alternatively, underaged persons should be accompanied by one of the parents.

Each time before using the rehearsal room you should examine the equipment and in case of malfunction immediately let the administrator know about it.

Bookings can be made via our site or by phone.

In case of cancellation, please, let us know in advance. Please note, that if the booking is cancelled with less than 1-day notice, the fee for rehearsal is applied in full.

Please bring the second pair of shoes with you or use ours. Take off your shoes and coats before entering the rehearsal room or studio, store boots and outdoor clothing in a specially designated place.

Visitors must carefully handle the equipment, observe cleanliness, public order and the requirements of this Rules.

It is forbidden to:

  • be drunk or intoxicated in the rehearsal room or studio;
  • smoke (including e-cigarettes);
  • bring drinks or snacks to the rehearsal room or studio. The fine for drinking alcohol in the rehearsal room or in the studio is €100;
  • switch on/off the equipment;
  • plug instruments to the powered equipment. Please, set the minimal master volume before switching on the equipment;
  • place foreign objects on the equipment or move it;
  • violate public order;
  • open the doors of the rehearsal room when playing instruments;
  • have hetero- and homosexual relationship in the premises.

Visitors are solely liable for damage to equipment and property of the rehearsal room and the studio. Any faults and hardware malfunction as well as forgotten things should be immediately advised to the administrator.

If your fault does occur in equipment failure, damage of drumheads or drum cymbals, etc, you just pay for repairs; in case this is not possible, you should provide the equivalent in return or pay the market value of the damaged equipment and it becomes your property.

There is a 24-hour CCTV monitoring in the rehearsal room, studio and bar. Persons caught stealing will be held responsible under the existing legislation and from then on will not be allowed to the rehearsal room, studio and bar. In addition to the above, these persons will be blacklisted on the national music message boards and trading platforms.

Our customers agree to:

  • Check out the rehearsal and start to pack at least 5 minutes before the next set. Rent payments (subscription fee) should be timely.
  • Drummers should leave the drum kit and racks in initial position (as it is), including toms, felts and thumb screw. Borrowed parts should be returned to the administrator.

The administration is not responsible for the customer’s property left in the rehearsal room, studio or bar. Please inform the administrator if you find abandoned things.

There’s a face control and dress-code in our studio. Drunk or intoxicated individuals or persons wearing dirty (work) clothes or footwear as well as clothes with attributes offending certain social groups are not allowed. Please note that the administration has the right to refuse you to enter the rehearsal room, studio and bar without any explanation.

In case of waste of property by the customer or the attendants, the damages should be paid within 5 calendar days.

We offer you cooperation on these conditions, since they are quite simple, clear and logical. If you do not accept these terms and you are not willing to abide by the proposed rules, we are not ready to work with you and refuse from further cooperation.